It's February 14th, 1978 at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry...

The wizarding world in the 1970s was very different to the one Harry knew. Brush up on your Potter trivia and find out who and what was going on at the time our film is set.

The Marauders

Seventh year for the Marauders

The generation of Hogwartians known as the Marauders are in the middle of their last year at Hogwarts. Now accomplished animagi, James, Sirius and Peter accompany Remus during his monthly werewolf transformations in their animal forms - James a stag, Sirius a dog, and Peter a rat.

Armed with James' invisibility cloak and their famous Marauder's Map, the team are usually up to no good, causing mischief and mayhem across the school. But this year the mischief seems to have taken a backseat. Much to Sirius' disappointment, James is a little pre-occupied with Head Boy duties, and with a certain Head Girl who, despite their complicated past, he can't seem to stay away from...

Marlene McKinnon

The Wizarding War

Outside Hogwarts, Voldemort is at the height of his power, and has amassed an army. The wizarding world has been at war for 8 years now, as the Ministry of Magic desperately tries to maintain control and keep their secret from the muggles. Even the students safe behind the walls of Hogwarts are finding it difficult to ignore what's going on. Dumbledore is often away. News trickles in through the Daily Prophet. Certain students have started down dark paths, and it's becoming unsafe to be a muggle-born.

James Potter

James & Lily

During their fifth and sixth year at Hogwarts, James spent his time hanging out with the Marauders, tormenting Snape, and repeatedly asking Lily to go on a date with him. Repulsed by his arrogance and his bullying, she refused him every time.

By seventh year he's grown up and "deflated his head a bit" (Sirius Black, OotP) and the two are trying to leave behind their unhappy history and just be friends. Dumbledore has (inexplicably) made James Head Boy, forcing him to spend a lot more time with Lily, who is Head Girl, and the prospect of the Valentine's Day ball has brought everything back to the surface...